6 Tips Before You Shop for Auto Loans

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Before you shop around for a car, make sure you keep the following tips in mind:

Shop for financing

Don’t walk into a dealership without fixing your financing first, says Bankrate. There are plenty of options out there for auto loans in Kennewick that are going to be much better than the offers you’ll get from the dealer.

Know your credit score

Know what your credit score is before you apply for a loan. The higher your score is, the easier it will be for you to get a prime-rate loan.

Clear your debts

If you’re still paying off your credit card debt, then you might want to wait until you’re done with those payments before you tack on auto loan payments to your monthly expenses. Remember that you’re going to be paying for the loan for at least 3 or 5 years. You’ll want to make sure your income can handle those costs.

Do the math

Buying a car doesn’t just mean paying for monthly payments. You need to consider other costs as well. Maintenance, repair and replacement services will need to be factored into your budget right along with your monthly bills.

Look for a lender

Banks often have high interest rates. Plus, they charge for nearly every service they provide only to offer substandard service levels. Tired of dealing with all that? Credit unions offer a much better alternative. They offer auto loans in Kennewick at low cost and shorter terms so you can get the best deal for your financing. That’s going to help you look for a much better car for your needs.

Check your lender out

Make sure you pick a credit union that’s been around for years and that has an excellent reputation in the field. Also, read reviews online from comparison sites. Positive feedback and reviews are good signs that you’ve chosen the right lender.

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