3 Tips for Easing Your Child’s Fear of Their First Dental Visit

April, 2014 by Alma Abell

Children typically have some hesitation about being around new people, especially when they’re in close proximity like a general dentist needs to be. The staff and dentists will help your child feel as comfortable as possible, but there’s also a lot the parent or caregiver can do ahead of time to help them know what to expect and ensure a positive experience. Consider choosing a comprehensive office offering cosmetic dental services, emergency dental services and dental implants, so it’s the only office you or your child need to go to.

1. Practice Visit: Most dental offices are willing to let you bring your child in for a practice visit to help him get a feel for what it’s like to go to the dentist. The parent and staff can spend time explaining what happens during a typical check-up and cleaning, let him try out sitting in the big chair, and then have the dentist check for cavities. Once your child is more comfortable with the idea of going to the dentist, you can schedule the next visit for the full check-up and cleaning a week or two later.

2. Start Early: The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends you schedule your child’s first dental appointment between when he gets his first tooth and his first birthday. Waiting longer and not seeking regular dental care can result in having to see an emergency dentist in Edison. If 2. dental issues do occur, which will likely be a less positive experience. Regular visits every 6 months will be very beneficial for preventative care.

3. Visit Time: Schedule his first appointment in the morning when he’s nice and rested. Taking him to the dentist around nap time or meal time will likely cause him not to be as cooperative and happy. Be sure to schedule the next appointment before you leave, and keep in mind, if needed between visits, you can always see an emergency dentist in Edison if you have an urgent issue.

Whether you need to take your child to a dentist for preventative care or see an emergency dentist in Edison, you can ensure you are giving your child the best start for his dental health!

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