3 Bolts To Keep On Hand For All Basic Repairs

by | Apr 29, 2014 | Industrial Goods and Services

Having a variety of different fasteners and tools around the house is a great way to be able to cut down on the cost of repairs. In many cases with just a few bolts and a few basic tools you can repair virtually anything. While you can spend a lot of money and buy those sample packs of fasteners, a better option is to just have on hand three different types of bolts. New York City hardware and fastener supply stores will have several different designs of bolts, allowing you to decide which ones will best suit your repair needs.

Carriage Bolts

Carriage bots are very easy to spot and have a distinctive style. They are usually a larger bolt with a round head that is slightly convex in shape, giving the appearance of a slight dome when mounted flush with a surface. In addition the carriage bolt has a square section beneath the head and a space below that that is not treaded. The square part under the head locks the bolt in place when inserted into a round or a square hole. These bolts require a pre-drilled hole and will be kept in place using a nut. They are perfect for larger projects.

Lag Bolts

As a universal repair item it is essential to have a few different sizes of lag bolts. New York City hardware stores or specialty fastener stores may also call these lag screws. They are similar to the carriage bolt except the head is a hexagon and there is no additional square above the threads and below the head. There is still a short or longer smooth top of the shank of this bolt. The can be used for wood, metal or other materials depending on the thread.

Eye Bolts

This is a special type of bolt that New York City do-it-yourselfers will find comes in very handy. It has a flat end that is threaded to almost the top of the shank. However, instead of a head it curves round to form a full or almost full eye. The result is a bolt that is a natural for hanging any type of rope or chain either inside or outside. They can also be used to close gates, screen doors and anything else both inside and out.

Having different lengths and sizes of bolts, New York City handymen will tell you, is a good option for any homeowner. In addition you will need the correct sized nuts and washers to ensure everything is secured.

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