20 years In and Lawn Sprinklers in Grand Rapids are Still the Best in the City

by | Dec 18, 2013 | Landscaping

20 years of experience goes a long way. Sanderson & DeHaan has a prolific history in the field. A home deserves to be beautiful. But where many focus on the design and look of their home, they skip out on the most important accompaniment to a home- the lawn. A radiant and healthy lawn is perhaps more important than the design of a home, or at least on equal level. An ugly and torn up lawn can really devalue the quality of a property, just as a distressed home makes an otherwise impeccable lawn a bit less impressive.

Sanderson & DeHaan Lawn and Sprinkling has a few attributes in their arsenal.

Sodded Lawn

Sod provides an instantaneous worth to a home. If one is looking for the quickest way to make an impression in the neighborhood, a sodded lawn is the way to do it. Its radiant green and illuminating tone sets an atmosphere of beauty and elegance for a property. A barren wasteland of grass can be morphed into a fully grown landscape of beauty.

The System

The company provides what is a complex and intricate system for Lawn Sprinklers in Grand Rapids. The company clearly handles both initial installation and continued maintenance and service. With both angles of experience, they have been able to accumulate working relations with multiple manufacturers. This confirms that they can obtain the best system that fits the exact type of property.


Visit the website to obtain a free estimate of what general lawn care will include and the total price of it. It takes seconds (literally) to file a quote request, and the quick process can begin in determining what steps it will take to make a lawn perfectly fitting for a home. This is, of course, the very art of the right kind of lawn maintenance. it takes patience, a carefully trained eye, and experience.

Lawn Sprinklers in Grand Rapids can maintain the utmost quality look in a sodded property, or it can take a generally ill-conceived lawn to whole new heights. It takes a professional to install it right, but once it is done the home will radiate with a splendid look.


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