2 Telltale Signs That You Need Repair of Your Air Conditioning in Bellevue

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2 Telltale Signs That You Need Repair of Your Air Conditioning in Bellevue

Is your air conditioner spoiled and not working? Have no fear because you can fix it. There are a few things you can do before calling an A/C repair technician so that you do not get charged for a minor problems that you could have fixed yourself. Below are some signs that you may need repair of your air conditioning in Bellevue.

A good air flow but the air is cold

The problem could be the outside unit, and you should listen and hear if the compressor is running and see if the condenser fan is also running. So that you don’t damage the compressor, turn it off at once if the compressor is running and the condenser fan is not. Turn off the unit so that you check what the problem is.

You can look for something that will go through the grill and push the fan blade. The motor for the condenser fan could be burned out if the fan blade easily moves. The bearing could be spoiled if the blade moves but is hard to turn. You can spray the WD40 on the motor, and it will get you going for some time as you look for a repairer to replace the motor.

If there is no air flow and the indoor fan is running

If the fan is running and there is no cooling, then check for the air flow that is coming from the supply air registers. The filter could be blocked if there is no flow of air coming from the supply air registers and the fan is running. Remove the filter and if it is dirty, leave it and restart your air conditioner having unplugged the fan coil or the furnace.

Turn the system on again from the thermostat by plugging them back in. If there is no airflow and the air conditioner does not start, then there is ice on the coil. Give the ice some time to melt down and then try restarting the system. By running the fan, the coil will only defrost faster and make sure that the thermostat does not need cooling if the fan is running. Repairing your air conditioner will be an easy task as you follow the above easy tips. If you need to know more about air conditioning in Bellevue, go to the website: dicksheating.com.

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