Benefits of Adopting a Pet From an Animal Shelter in Willington, CT

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Benefits of Adopting a Pet From an Animal Shelter in Willington, CT

Having a pet has been proven to be beneficial for your health. While it’s possible to go out and buy a pet, it’s even better to adopt one from an animal shelter. There are a number of benefits of adopting a pet from an animal shelter in Willington CT.

It Saves Lives

When animal shelters become full, they often need to kill older pets or those who’ve been there the longest to make room for new pets. By adopting a pet from an animal shelter in Willington CT, you’ll save not only the life of the pet getting adopted, but also potentially the life of the pet that the adoption makes room for in the animal shelter. This is especially the case when adopting a pet from a no-kill shelter, as these shelters keep pets until they’re adopted rather than killing them to make room for others.

It’s Less Expensive

Adopting a rescue animal is less expensive than purchasing one from a pet store, and these animals typically already have all of their shots, have already been spayed or neutered, and may be microchipped, saving people money on these additional costs of owning a pet. The pet may even already be housetrained and trained to respond to some commands, especially if it’s a slightly older pet rather than a puppy or a kitten, meaning there may be less risk for damaged property and no need to pay for obedience school.

Great Matches Are Possible

With a shelter pet, it may be possible to find out more about the pet than when buying a puppy or kitten from a pet store. The shelter staff will work hard to find just the right match, which is especially important for families with children or other pets. They will use all available information about the pet and the family to make sure the match is suitable, which isn’t the case with someone selling a pet to make money.

Take a Stand Against Puppy Mills

Buying a dog often helps to support puppy mills, which have inhumane breeding conditions and sometimes produce dogs more likely to have health conditions later in life, including heart disease, hip dysplasia, epilepsy, and kidney disease.

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