5 Ways to Make Grooming Great for Your Dog

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5 Ways to Make Grooming Great for Your Dog

Your puppy needs regular grooming. If your canine friend is active and loves to run around all the time, then she’ll need more than your cuddles and kisses. Aside from teaching her how to sit, play dead, fetch sticks, and dance the Lambada, you’ll want to teach your pet how to enjoy grooming. That’s going to be helpful if you intend to hire pros for dog grooming in Great Falls MT.

Get your dog used to human touch

Touch your puppy around the collar, shoulders, and back. Do it for about two weeks, The Spruce says. If your dog comfortable or is she trying to bite you? Go over the same steps again. Just touch your pet, give a treat, and remove the hand. Do this until you feel your dog is already comfortable with the steps. Once she is, you can start touching her leg, the top of her head, tail, and bottom until she relaxes into these touches.

Pick pros

Pick the right salon for dog grooming in Great Falls MT. Look for pros to groom your dog. They have the right tools, experience and skills. With them on the job, you won’t have to worry about your pet. You know she’s in good hands.

Hold and restrain your puppy

Let her get used to the feel of human hands by holding her then letting her go. Once she gets used to that, start restraining her. This will help condition her to relax when there are hands touching her during the grooming session.

Give her treats

It’s ideal to let her associate grooming with good things. Give her a treat after every visit. That’s going to make her see grooming in a positive light.

Take out the stress

Sometimes, dogs find the ride to the salon stressful in itself. Pack along treats in the car along with his favorite toy or chew bone to help ease the stress and anxiety she feels.

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