You May Be Honest; But, If You Must Have A Sales Tax Bond In Texas; Do They Doubt Your Honesty?

March, 2014 by Alma Abell

Death and taxes are said to be the only real certainties in life and most of us can see the reasoning behind this statement; but, this does not mean that we have to be happy about it! There is nothing much we can do about the inevitability of death; other than take all measures to avoid it happening prematurely; but, taxes are a somewhat different matter.

We make a show of hating having to pay tax; but, at heart, most of us recognise that our society cannot function without organization and that this organization will, always, involve expenditure by “the authorities”. Our only valid augments are restricted to how much should be spent; on what; and how is it to be decided who pays what as their share of living in this society? That is the stuff of political debates and legislation; that I will not be going into here.

However, Most People Do Pay Their Taxes

Maybe not always with enthusiasm; but if our municipality, county, state or the national government have decreed that we are liable for taxation on a (some may say too long) list of income situations; then we do pay what we owe. Maybe we will dispute some of the assessments; but, basically, we pay. So; when an authority (under whose tax regulations we happen to fall – be it in Texas or elsewhere); demands, with the full force of the law; that we place money up front for them to have first rights to in the event that we fail to meet any, or all, of our tax obligations; we could be excused for feeling somewhat disgruntled in the lack of trust shown towards us.

But; Some Have To Give A Financial Guarantee

Most States impose a sales tax on almost everything that gets sold within the State and, some States, take this a step further and demand that everyone involved in selling anything must take out a guarantee that any tax demanded from them will be paid in full and promptly. These are known as sales tax bonds and, where applicable, they have to be arranged before you can obtain a permit to run a business in that State. In Texas; you will require a Texas Sales and Use tax permit for most businesses and, after examination by the authorities; you might also require a Sales Tax Bond For Texas.

Any business operating in Texas may be required to provide some sort of security against non-payment of taxes. A Sales Tax Bond For Texas would be one example; but, you would be well advised to check out your specific obligations with an expert sureties broker like. This is as simple as filling in their online form at.

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