You Can Use Sun Shade Sails to Create an Outdoor Oasis for Entertainment.

February, 2014 by John Kim

In your backyard you have set up an entertainment area that is relaxing and almost perfect. The problem is, it is exposed to the scorching sun making it nearly impossible to sit outside during the day unless you and your guests want to bake like a lobster. You have put up table umbrellas in that past, but they blow away, only shade one tiny area at a time, and need to be replaced frequently. Sun Shade Sails offer the perfect solution. Triangular or quadrilateral in shape, they come in a wide variety of pretty colors that can be suspended above your entertainment areas. Anchored above your space, they appear to float or sail above you. They are made from long lasting UV treated polyethylene that blocks 90% of the UV rays while still allowing light, air and water to come through. Lightweight and durable, they provide needed shade, without increasing the temperatures below and come with a 10 year warranty against UV degradation.

The Sun Shade Sails come as small as a 9’10” triangles for small seating areas, or garden spaces that require shade. The unique weave allows rain to come through providing shade, and not stopping the rain fall. The stylish sails add color and texture to the spaces. The largest triangle at 17’9″ is perfect for larger areas such as patios, small pools or spas and children’s play areas. You can enjoy your outdoor living spaces during the daylight hours under a light filtered shade knowing you are protected from the harmful UV rays. No need to be stuck inside your home, the darkness of your garage or roasting in the heat of the day.

If you have an upcoming graduation party, milestone birthday party or celebration ceremony and are limited by the space in your home, you can turn the unused area between your home and garage into a seating or dining space. With tables and chairs set up you can create an outdoor living room, extending your living space for entertainment. You and your friends will be drawn to the shade under the brightly colored canopy. You can hang lights under them for evening entertainment, creating a festive atmosphere. There is a wide selection of sizes, shapes and colors perfect for your yard and occasion available at Tarp Cover Sales, where they are creating outdoor oasis’s one back yard at a time.

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