You Can Find Most Any Trailer You want at Trailer Sales Placerville

March, 2014 by Alma Abell

You will find trailers for every purpose you can imagine at Vintage Transport. They sell custom fabricated trailers if the model you want is not readily available. The trailers for sale can be categorized into use for construction, motor sports, agricultural use, and lawn and garden trailers. Browse website for more information.

* The construction category includes material handling, utility, dump, and general utility trailers. Equipment trailers are also available for construction use.

* Trailers for hauling agricultural supplies such as flatbed models, models with enclosed sides for hauling hay, and horse trailers are ready for purchase.

* Motor sports have a variety of trailers to select from. The single rail trailer for hauling a motor cycle and the custom built ramp trailers for car hauling are also available. Snowmobile trailers are available are tow dollies. Auto and boat models are also sold. Tow dollies and ATV carriers are available.

* Enclosed trailers are sold for protecting a custom car or other vehicle which needs to be protected from the elements or vandalism.

Trailer Sales in Placerville can arrange to have trailers custom made for utility, dump, off-road jeepers, car and heavy equipment haulers, lawn and garden trailers, quad haulers, or for any use. They can arrange for custom build truck flatbeds and loading ramps, fabricated to meet your specific needs. Dump trailers are available with a hydraulic lift.

Trailer accessories are sold for the added flexibility of the trailer you own. Items like:

* Hitches for heavy duty hauling

* Tool boxes made by well known manufacturers.

* Tires and wheels

* S-Line tie downs

* Draw-Tite products

Trailer Sales Placerville can arrange for custom made ramps for any trailer. These make loading and unloading a trailer very easy. Any type of vehicle can be loaded from any angle by using ramps which are designed and manufactured for this purpose. The Royal T Horse trailer is a very functional and beautiful looking trailer for use in traveling with horses. These are made in several models and for hauling one horse or several horses.

The Tow Dolly available is made for durable use and vibration-free hauling. The materials and the engineering are designed to eliminate the usual vibration. The wheel bearings are made for long wear and for use on most every road condition. This is just one of many products you can purchase from Vintage Transport.

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