Would You Pay 20 Mil for a Diamond Necklace?

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Would You Pay 20 Mil for a Diamond Necklace?

Would you like to own a fabulous diamond necklace with cultured pearls and a flawless stone 92 carats in weight? The beautiful stone is heart-shaped and extremely impressive. However, unless you have about twenty million dollars in your budget, this amazing piece of jewelry is out of reach. Yet, it could go at auction for as low as fourteen million, if that helps. Here is more about this special item.

La Légende

According to a recent article in Forbes Magazine, the piece is La Légende, which means “the Legend” in French. The special jewelry comes from Boehmer et Bassenge, a Paris jeweler known for its flawless diamonds and unique creations. The Christie’s Magnificent Jewels auction started in Hong Kong in April 2017. It’s been through London and New York, and on April 17 the diamond necklace will make its appearance at the Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues, a five-star Geneva hotel in existence since 1834.

La Vie Bohème

Besides La Légende, you can view La Vie Bohème, a spectacular pair of earrings with bows made from pink diamonds. Each chandelier type earring has a flawless diamond of about ten carats. These diamonds are near perfect, making the earrings worth about two to three million dollars.

Fifteen Carat Ruby

Rarely do you see rubies as large as 15 carats. At Christie’s, you’ll find a spectacular ruby ring with diamonds surrounding it. The near perfect center stone could raise the value of this ring to as much as fifteen million dollars during the auction. That’s one million dollars per carat.

Finding Something Within Your Budget

If a twenty million dollar diamond necklace or fifteen million dollar ruby diamond ring is too much, consider a trusted online jeweler. When you choose an experienced jewelry source with a New York showroom and abundant unique selections, you can find some of the best deals available.

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