Windshield Safety Functions

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Windshield Safety Functions

The windshield of your car is an important part of the vehicle, it not only protects the occupants from the elements, it is an integral component in the cars overall structural strength and stability. Perhaps it is this integrity issue that forms the difference in expectations of the vehicle owner and the vehicle engineer. As the owner you will be more concerned with chips, cracks and perhaps a water leak, the automotive engineer is more concerned how such things as chips and cracks affects passenger safety and overall vehicle integrity.

The windshield of a car must meet the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard for both the strength of the windshield but also the method in which it is mounted. There is no such thing as cheap auto glass, what there is however is auto glass that meets the Federal standards which is priced differently. When you are looking for cheap auto glass in Chicago you are really looking for a supplier and installer that provides the product and service at a lower price than the completion.

There are safety functions of any windshield used in a car in the US, they are:
The most obvious function is protecting the driver and passengers from debris and the weather.

The second function is less obvious, modern vehicle design incorporates the windshield into the vehicles structure. If a replacement windshield is not installed correctly it could dismount from the vehicle in an accident.

Windshields are not a single thickness of glass; they are actually two layers, one on either side of a vinyl core. This construction actually helps to cushion the blow if an individual’s head should impact the windshield during an accident; the glass breaks but is held together by the vinyl.

If the windshield in your car should crack or get a small chip it is always a good idea to consult with the professional auto glass installer in your area.

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