Why You Should See A Professional In Dentistry in Franklin, NC Before Deterioration Sets In

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Before the advent of modern dentistry, pain or loss of teeth was commonplace. A number of people had an ugly smile with bad, misaligned or missing teeth. Many people aged 40 and over were suffering from malnutrition and died prematurely because they couldn’t chew properly. Today, dental patients can escape oral problems, keeping their lives full of happiness because their dentition is intact and they have a nice smile. How has modern dentistry accomplished these feats? One way is through the help of professionals in dentistry Franklin, NC.

Educating the public, promoting regular checkups and preventive dentistry has played a leading role in the fight against the evils of oral health. Those who were taught good oral hygiene rarely need special care; however, many people shun the dentist. Some neglect their dental health through carelessness and others do so because of costs. Many are afraid because of previous experiences or horror stories they may have heard. Whatever your situation, ask yourself: What can the dentist do for me? To grasp the importance of preventive dentistry, you should first understand what professionals strive to prevent -; deterioration.

A dentist is there to avoid the nightmare of pain or loss of teeth. With your cooperation, the dentist can help combat the effects of bacteria and plaque, a soft film that adheres to teeth. Bacteria grow due to food debris left over from eating. It converts sugar into acids, which then attacks tooth enamel, making it porous. Finally, decay occurs when the porous zone forms a cavity. At this point, you will not feel anything, but when it reaches the pulp, also known as the center of the tooth, you will begin to feel sharp pains.

Bacteria have other ways of torturing you. If it is not completely removed by brushing, plaque hardens and becomes a calcified deposit. Under the action of tartar, your gums become inflamed and recede. This provides a feasting ground for bacteria that will invade your gums. Your professional in dentistry Franklin, NC can do something against this evil, but if nothing is done, the tissues supporting your teeth will be damaged to the point you will start losing teeth. Saliva provides some protection against this double attack of bacteria, and chewing sugarless gum after meals can help activate saliva production, thus protecting teeth.

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