Why You Need Professional Pest Extermination in Orange County

April, 2014 by Alma Abell

Orange County, California is a beautiful place to live, but its balmy climate is also popular with a range of pests. Bees, termites, ants, and even rodents can quickly overrun area homes, without the help of professional Extermination in Orange County. Companies such as Southern California Exterminators understand the unique problems of the area, and offer a variety of solutions that include:

*   PROFESSIONAL INSPECTIONS: Experts offer professional inspections when customers need buy or sell property, or end a pest problem in their existing homes. They are trained to understand the living habits of dozens of species. This allows them to locate even hidden problems. They look for infestations in attics, crawl spaces, basements, and walls. Technicians can find nests in outbuildings or woodpiles on the property. Because they are familiar with animal habits, they are able to set baits and traps in areas where animals are the most likely to travel.

*   TREATMENTS: Professionals who specialize in Extermination in Orange County will tailor treatments to the type of structure and pest that they find. Technicians can safely remove wasp and bee nests, and eliminate a wide variety of termites. They offer green treatment options, which can include the use of Bora Care, to provide protection against termites. Options may include Orange Oil, which is effective against wood termites. Natural options are eco-friendly and safer than chemicals. Exterminators also offer a range of effective treatments to eliminate bed bugs, which are extremely hard to remove without professional help.

  MAINTENANCE: Exterminators educate clients about the causes of pest infestations, and how to avoid future problems. They may suggest that clients Visit Socalexterminators.com, where they can learn more about the region’s pests. Technicians also advise customers about how to eliminate food and water sources that attract insects and wildlife. They can create a schedule for ongoing treatments that ensure pests are controlled and that insect eggs are destroyed before they can cause infestations. Experts offer custom options for a variety of structures, including manufactured and mobile homes, as well as tract housing.

Southern California’s balmy climate attracts a wide variety of pests that should be professionally controlled. Experts, such as Southern California Exterminators, provide professional inspection, treatments, and ongoing maintenance that solve the area’s pest problems.

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