Why Hiring A Professional Chimney Sweep Is A Good Idea

May, 2013 by

Many homeowners across the country own homes that feature wood burning fireplaces that they are able to use to supplement energy costs and add to their home environment. They are a wonderful way to provide heat and comfort, as well as ambiance, to the home. But many homeowners neglect the all important task of maintaining them properly. While it may seem like extravagant to hire a professional chimney sweep to visit your home regularly for chimney and fireplace inspections, it truly is a necessity. Chimney professionals belong to a niche industry that prides itself on being especially qualified to monitor the health of your fireplace and chimney that other professionals cannot.

While one of the most obvious tasks a professional chimney sweep performs is the actual cleaning of a chimney, it’s not the only one. In addition to cleanings, professional chimney specialists also perform chimney repair in Columbus, OH. Many homeowners erroneously believe that other professionals are equally qualified to investigate their fireplaces and chimneys for potential damage. This is usually not the case. Firemen, home inspectors, and engineers are not necessarily qualified to assess your fireplace or chimney unless they have performed a separate training apart from what is required for their position. For the most part, only chimney sweeps possess the necessary qualifications and to make recommendations for chimney repair in Columbus OH.

Chimney sweeps are very useful in accurately appraising the health of your chimney. Many homeowners are unfamiliar with some of the little signs of wear and tear that fireplaces and chimneys naturally experience due to regular use. Many of them are normal, but homeowners often don’t know the difference between what needs attention and what does not. Regular chimney cleaning in Ohio by a professional chimney sweep can help you become more familiar with proper chimney and fireplace maintenance.

If you can’t remember the last time you called a professional chimney sweep to come look at your chimney and fireplace, or it’s been several years in between since one came to visit your home, it’s probably time to call one for regular maintenance and chimney repair in Columbus OH. Some of the most common results of neglecting chimney maintenance include chimney fires that turn into house fires. Proper chimney repair can help prevent and eliminate this horrifying possibility.