Why Consult a Child Custody Attorney in your State

by | Feb 23, 2012 | Legal Advice

Divorce is a complicated time in your life. The divorce can involve a number of contentious issues like dividing of marital property and debt, changing name, searching for hidden assets, spousal support and alimony and child support. The process becomes more difficult if you have children and are going through an acrimonious divorce with your spouse. Hiring an experienced child custody attorney can often help to solve matters pertaining to child custody and child support in addition to the other aspects of the divorce.

State laws differ in subtle matters relating to divorce. If you are thinking of divorcing or have been informed of your partners intention to divorce, engaging a skilled child custody attorney can help you protect your rights to your children and share of the marital assets.

An equitable division state is one in which each of the partners has ownership of the income he or she earned during the marriage and also retains the right to manage any property or asset in his or her name alone. The property can be divided at the discretion of the judge in an equitable way during the divorce. Some states are community property states that ensure that the income, property and assets acquired by the couple during their marriage are considered marital property that is to be divided equally between the partners after divorce.

Most states prefer that the children remain in contact with both parents after the parents’ divorce. Courts generally prefer joint custody arrangements. If you wish to contest any of the judgments or the rulings and want special custody arrangements, consult with a child custody attorney to find the best solution for you and your children.  There are situations when you can be granted sole physical custody of the child/ children. If you think your spouse is an unfit parent you can consult with a child custody attorney to find ways to restrict access to the children and seek restricted or supervised visitation. The age of the children, their opinions and other factors can influence child custody, visitation and other rights. A spouse’s alcoholism, drug addiction, abusive behavior, neglect and other reasons can be sited for requesting special custody or visitation rights. Courts nowadays do not like to award sole legal custody to any particular parent. If you need special advice about divorce and custody seek legal help. When you want to protect your children and their rights hire an experienced child custody attorney. Bisbee residents can find local practitioners offering legal advice about divorce.

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