Why an Urgent Care Facility May Become Your Family Doctor in Summerwood

by | Jun 3, 2014 | Health Care

Years ago most communities had several doctors and one or two hospitals, and those were your only choices for medical care. However, today you can also use an urgent care clinic. These efficient medical facilities are becoming the first choice for emergency care. For many people, facilities such as Northeast Urgent Care Clinics and Deerbrook Family Clinic are also the solution for routine medical needs. Many residents even use their clinic as a Family Doctor in Summerwood. This trend is growing because the facilities offer benefits that include:

* CONVENIENCE: If you want to see your primary care physician, you need to make an appointment and work around their schedule. Urgent care clinics offer a walk-in policy, and some are open on the weekends. They are also available year-round, so there are no vacation or holiday periods when your doctor is unavailable. In addition, clinics such as Northeast Urgent Care are typically located in several easily accessible areas of the community.

* QUALITY CARE: Today’s urgent care clinics are fully staffed by well-trained, caring personnel. Patients are seen quickly and doctors carefully evaluate their histories and needs. The facilities serve every member of the family, making them the ideal solution when you are searching for a Family Doctor in Summerwood.

* AFFORDABILITY: Urgent care clinics accept a wide variety of insurance policies. They are also much less expensive than an emergency room when you need fast help.
A RANGE OF SERVICES: Clinics can handle a wide variety of medical needs. You can use them for regular checkups, laceration repair, sports and work physicals, and DNA testing. Doctors also offer minor emergency care. They maintain state-of-the-art EKG, X-ray, and lab equipment on site. This means that they are often able to examine you, provide test results, and fill prescriptions, all in the same visit.

* WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAMS: Facilities such as Northeast Urgent Care are also weight loss clinics. Their doctors will evaluate patients’ health and weight loss goals, and offer several options. These may include prescription medications, fat burning B12 injections, or a low-calorie diet combined with HCG supplements.

Modern urgent care clinics serve community health needs in a variety of ways. They provide affordable, convenient emergency care, as well as routine well-patient options. In addition, the facilities are professionally staffed and fully equipped to provide the highest quality medical care.

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