When You Need a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Villa Rica GA

December, 2013 by Alma Abell

While financial problems do not always lead to bankruptcy, it comforting to know that option is there just in case. Recent years have been tough on many people financially in this nation. Job loss, medical problems, and in some cases over spending are causes of financial difficulties. It is not always the fault of the person, nor is it a reflection on your abilities to handle your finances if you get into financial trouble. Sometimes things just happen. If your financial situation reaches a major level and you have no where else to turn, a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Villa Rica, GA can help you figure out your options.

Out of Control Debt

If your debt is out of control, you need to seek advice and help from a bankruptcy attorney. Signs that your debt is out of control include paying bills with credit cards instead of from your bank account, late payment notices from various bills, bad debt on your credit report, late payments on your mortgage and/or car payments, and anything else that suffers because you don’t make enough to cover those bills. These are cases where you may qualify for a Chapter 7 liquidation bankruptcy to discharge your debt.

Stressful Debt Load

People who do have the money to pay their debt, but their debt is overwhelming also have an option for bankruptcy. If you want to lower your debt, payments, and eliminate or reduce your interest, fees and penalties on your loans and credit cards, a Chapter 13 reorganization bankruptcy might be just what you need to get rid of stressful debt load.

It is difficult to determine if you qualify for a type of bankruptcy without help. A Bankruptcy Lawyer in Villa Rica, GA can help you determine if you qualify for any kind of bankruptcy or if you would be better off using another strategy for your debt. If you are getting collection calls or letters or you are in fear of losing your home, business, or vehicle, you need an attorney on your side to help you figure out the bankruptcy option for your needs. Daniel Barnes and Associates can help you with your debt relief solution starting with a free consultation.

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