What You’ll Find at the Chinese Buffet in Holland, OH

December, 2013 by

Many people enjoy eating at buffets because they offer a variety of foods for a low price. The Chinese Buffet in Holland, OH is no exception. Anyone looking for some delicious Chinese cuisine can dine at this restaurant. Here is what you will find there.

Long HoursBoth lunch and dinner are served at this buffet. Diners can start coming in around 11 am to create a tasty lunch for themselves. Most of the week, restaurant-goers have until 10 pm to come in and enjoy their dinner. On the weekends, they get an extra hour, staying until 11 to finish up their food on a fun night out.

Traditional Chinese MenuPatrons who come in to the Chinese Buffet in Holland, OH will not be disappointed. They offer a wide range of traditional Chinese menu items. They offer menu appetizers, including egg rolls, crab rangoons, wontons, dumplings, and more. They offer delicious wonton or egg drop soup. Restaurant-goers can choose their style of rice or noodles, selecting vegetable fried rice, chicken fried rice, vegetable lo mein noodles or otherwise. For the main course, they can choose beef with broccoli, sweet and sour chicken, kung pao chicken, and many other forms of meat/vegetable combinations.

Free Meals for Children Under 3Families will enjoy dining at the Chinese Buffet in Holland, OH. For anyone with children who are under 3, their kids will get to eat for free. This will save them a great deal of money. They will only need to pay for the adults and older children, but none of the youngest ones.

PickupIf time is tight and there isn’t any available to sit down and eat a meal, a pickup can be scheduled instead. Anything on the menu can be ordered and picked up to eat on the go. Both pickup and buffet options are available to patrons.

The Chinese Buffet in Holland, OH offers a lot to its customers. Not only can they dine in on traditional Chinese menu items, but they can choose to pick up their tasty meal as well. Children under 3 will eat free all day, no matter what time they come. Weekends are open even later so patrons can enjoy a meal late. This is one buffet no one will want to miss out on.