What You Need to Know About Visiting an Emergency Dentist in Wildwood

June, 2014 by Alma Abell

When dental emergencies arise, the first reaction is generally panic. However, before you arrange to visit an Emergency Dentist in Wildwood, follow these simple steps to ensure that you have done the right things to save your teeth and prevent further problems.

*   Collect broken tooth pieces or the entire tooth whenever possible.

  One of the most common types of dental emergencies is a lost tooth or a chipped tooth. Get a piece of gauze and soak it in a saline solution. Avoid touching any part of the tooth that may have soft tissue still attached to it. Place the tooth or the pieces into the gauze as soon as possible. In some cases, when the living tissue at the root of the tooth remains viable, the Emergency Dentist in Wildwood may be able to reimplant it into the jaw. In cases like this, time is very important. Act as soon as possible to increase your odds of successful reimplantation.

*   Rinse your mouth with a saline solution.

  Tap water won’t do the trick. Saline solutions prepared with a teaspoon of salt dissolved in 8 ounces of water promote healing within the mouth. This solution works best when it is warm instead of cold. In essence, the salt concentration in your solution should be very similar to the salt concentration found within tears.

*   Use a cold compress for pain.

*   Ice works wonders to reduce swelling and eliminate pain. Either apply an ice pack to the outside of your face at the problem’s location or suck on a small piece of ice to lower the temperature within your mouth and reduce inflammation. Contact your Emergency Dentist in Wildwood as soon as possible and they will give you further instructions.

*   Find out if your General Dentist is available for emergency treatment.

*   Not all dentists are available for after-hours treatment. However, they should have an emergency care plan in place for their patients. Find out what this plan is in advance and be sure to store any additional necessary contact information in a safe and accessible place. Having a plan for dental emergencies helps you to respond much more quickly.

Once you have contacted your emergency dental provider, drive carefully to the location. If there is excess bleeding, gauze may be inserted to halt the bleeding. Be prepared to return to the dentist for follow up treatment during office hours.

If you are experiencing any of these dental issues and need to see the dentist right away, visit Capemayfamilydental.com.

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