What to Know About Spokane Pro Care if You Are Looking for Professional Lawn Care

by | Jan 12, 2015 | Landscaping

If you own a decent-sized amount of property, it may be a bit much for you to try to handle the lawn maintenance on that property. You may not have the necessary landscaping skills to keep your property looking keen. If you are in the Spokane, Washington area, there is a landscaping and lawn care service called Spokane Pro Care. The lawn maintenance service prides itself on being just the right size for clients. The service is able to take on handle the big jobs for which it is hired, and yet handle the assignment with the care, such as a small organization would offer.

The biggest concerns any homeowner or business would have for the lawn care specialist are the company’s ability to professionally handle complete lawn care services, landscape design and maintenance, and the care of any trees and/or shrubbery on the property. At Spokane Pro Care, these three areas are easily covered. Under complete lawn care services is offered lawn aeration, which includes edging and mowing, winterization and sprinkling services and leaf raking. Trees and shrubbery maintenance include pruning, trimming, and attending to the seasonal needs of the greenery.

Landscaping services cover a wide range of tasks. These are seasonal fertilization, collecting and the removal of debris, weed treating and pulling, and scientific application of materials to keep the turf alive. Spokane Pro Care offers these services and more to both residential and commercial customers. For the past 28 years, the lawn care service has been providing residents of the Spokane, Washington area with many lawn care solutions for the continual upkeep of their property.

Getting professional care for your home lawn or business landscape should not be something that will break your bank account. Spokane Pro Care makes an offer to provide customers with the best competitive pricing in the area. This competitive, cost-effective approach, coupled with the lawn maintenance service’s dedication to honest, detailed work makes an attractive package for the would-be customer. If you need the services of one company who will provide for all your lawn maintenance needs around the seasonal calendar, you can reach the website of Spokane Pro Care.

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