What to Expect When Getting Dental Veneers in Gilbert, AZ

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Most people get dental veneers installed because they are concerned about the way their teeth look. Dental Veneers in Gilbert, AZ are also commonly referred to as dental laminates or porcelain veneers. They are nothing more than a cover made out of porcelain or resin that gets bonded to the front and top of your teeth. They are used to alter the shape, size, and color of your natural teeth.

You are going to need to meet with a cosmetic dentist because they will help you decide what kind of dental veneers best meet your needs. Porcelain veneers are not going to be as easy to stain as veneers made out of resin will. Resin, however, does not require as much enamel to be removed from the surface of your teeth in order for your veneers to fit.

Dental Veneers in Gilbert, AZ are not the perfect solution for everyone. They are one of the more expensive cosmetic dental procedures and they are not repairable. If they become chipped or cracked they have to be removed and replaced.

When you go to a cosmetic dental office, they will start by removing the enamel from your tooth that is being covered. They need to remove enough enamel for the veneers to naturally fit on top. This is to prevent your teeth from feeling awkwardly larger than they did before. Removing the enamel before installing the veneers is one of the reasons why veneers feel so natural.

Unfortunately, Dental Veneers in Gilbert, AZ is not a procedure that is completed after one trip to the dentist. It will take anywhere from three to five visits for veneers to be properly installed to your mouth. There will be several consultations regarding whether or not veneers are a good fit for you and what kind are best for you personally. This requires taking several x-rays and impressions of your mouth.

If it is determined that Dental Veneers in Gilbert, AZ are a good fit for you, the next appointment would be about preparing your mouth for the veneers. This is the appointment during which the enamel will be removed from the teeth that the veneers are being installed on.

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