What to Expect from a Copper Roof Installation in Long Island

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What to Expect from a Copper Roof Installation in Long Island

When it comes to choosing the best roofing material, it pays to take a close look at copper. This particular option has benefits that are hard to beat. Here are a few examples of what the client can expect by choosing to go with copper roof installation in Long Island.

Several Style Options

Like many other types of roofing materials, copper roofs come in more than one style. One approach is to manage the Copper Roof Installation in Long Island NY with the aid of shingles made from the material. Another way to go is to use sections of sheets of copper to create a perfectly smooth surface which allows rain to drain off with ease. There is even the option of using stamped panels that mimic the look of shingles or include some type of intricate design which provides additional visual appeal to the roof.

Little Stress on the Frame of the House

Another reason to think about copper roofing is the lightweight nature of the material. Some roofing products are heavy and place a great deal of stress on roof joists and the entire framework of a home. Thanks to the fact that copper is much lighter, the odds of support beams and other aspects of the frame weakening due to pressure are minimized.


Copper roofs are built to last for decades. This puts them far ahead of other solutions which are intended to offer 20 to 30 years of service before needing replacement. The right type of copper roof will hold up well in all sorts of weather conditions and require little more than minimal maintenance and upkeep. For a homeowner who wants to install a roof and never have to do so again, this is a great choice.


As the years pass, the copper will take on a visually pleasing patina. Far from undermining the look of the home, the patina will enhance the curb appeal. Compare that to roof options which tend to fade over the years and leave the home looking a little tired and worn.

For more information about copper roofing, contact us today and arrange for a contractor to visit the home. After seeing some samples and learning more about the benefits associated with this roofing solution, there is good chance the homeowner will be ready to get started immediately.

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