What To Consider When Creating A Kitchen Design In San Marcos CA

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What To Consider When Creating A Kitchen Design In San Marcos CA

Many people consider the kitchen the most important room in the home. It is where meals are prepared and where families get together to eat and spend time together. If a homeowner’s kitchen is not as functional as they would like it to be or if it is dated, they should consider a kitchen remodel. Before they create a kitchen design in San Marcos CA that will work best for them, there are a few things the homeowner should take into consideration.

Keep Traffic Away From the Main Prep Areas

Experts such as Guedes Construction Inc. know the “working triangle” in a kitchen is the area between the sink, the cooktop, and the refrigerator. If a homeowner wants to make their kitchen more functional, traffic needs to be redirected from this area so the area is clear. This means installing a kitchen island with seating far from this area. It also means creating an alternate path through the kitchen people can take if the main prep area is being used.

Install “Built-In” Appliances

Built-in appliances will not only make the kitchen look more modern, they will also create extra space in the kitchen. Installing the refrigerator into the wall will save a great deal of space. Also, a built-in oven with a cooktop installed in a kitchen island will free up space and make the kitchen look amazing.

Create a Workspace Around All Appliances

Each appliance needs a countertop beside it if the kitchen is going to be functional. For example, if there is no space by the refrigerator, the homeowner would need to move to another area of the kitchen to pour a drink.

Appliances Before the Design

Before the homeowner creates their kitchen design in San Marcos CA, they should first choose their appliances. It is much easier to create a design around the appliances rather than trying to fit the appliances in with the design. Also, consider the size of the kitchen before choosing the appliances. Most people want nice big appliances, however, these appliances won’t work in every kitchen. Think about practicality and functionality when shopping for appliances.

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