What is there to know about scrap metal in Connecticut?

by | Apr 3, 2013 | Waste Management

Scrap metal in Connecticut is a huge business, recycling of metal helps the environment by keeping it out of a landfill, and it can be turned into cash. Every type of metal in Connecticut can be recycled, some is in much higher demand than others and it carries a premium price. Some metal is in such high demand that people are resorting to stealing it to sell as scrap; this is particularly true with copper.

According to government figures, scrap metal recycling is a huge business, generating in excess of 70 million tons a year. This, unbelievably, represents about half of the total US supply. When scrap metal in Connecticut is recycled, the unit costs come down, the supply goes up and the earth is a better place for it. If was not for recycling, all the minerals and other raw materials that go into the manufacture of metal from ore would have to be mined, shipped and processed.


Recycling for dollars:
The economy is not as stable today as it was a few short years ago and people are revising their budgets. Many families are trying to earn more and spend less in the vent they too get caught in the web of unemployment. Collecting and selling scrap metal is a good way of augmenting income. Many people are fully aware of collecting aluminum cans at grocery stores and Boy Scout fund raising, but they are not aware of other metals. As well as aluminum, steel, copper lead and iron are all recyclable. The value of scrap metal depends on the commodity and its scarcity, values actually can change daily.

All scrap metal in Connecticut is sold by weight. If you collect scrap metal as a business and deliver it periodically to a central repository where it is then delivered in bulk to paper mills, steel mills foundries, etc. you will be paid the day rate times the weight. If the scrap is clean and free of debris like concrete hanging from re-bars, it will fetch a better price.

Collecting scrap metal is not difficult, when you look around, scrap metal is found everywhere. Those people who have found scrap metal in Connecticut to be quite lucrative even turning to plumbing and electrical contractors to take scrap straight from the jobsite. Once the scrap material is collected, it can be cleaned and prepared prior to selling. Copper wire which still has the insulation intact is not worth as much as when the insulation is removed. The same is true of appliances, the entire device can be delivered and sold at scrap value but if the metals are separated the price will be higher. Any scrap metal dealer can quote the going rate for any metal.


Scrap metal in Connecticut will be purchased by Calamari Recycling Co., Inc. located in Essex, Connecticut. Customers include manufacturers, auto scrap yards and building wreckers. Visit Calamarirecycling.com

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