What is the Purpose Of Security Screws?

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Security screws in NY are designed with a unique drive design and as such they require a special matching tool to remove them. A regular screw driver or any other conventional tool cannot loosen a security screw, these types of fasteners are ideally suited for use in public restrooms or any other location where experience has taught that vandalism is a real problem.

Security screws, also called tamper proof screws are designed with a unique head, the design of the head is such that without a special matching tool the screw cannot be removed. These fasteners can be found in many applications, they are employed where the removal of the screw is not wanted but is tempting. These screws are found on the various components and panels of public restrooms as well as restrooms in schools and even in correctional facilities. The use of security screws in NY has proven to provide a level of protection not only against unwanted vandalism but also provide a level of protection against unwanted entry to an area.

These fasteners can be used wherever it is desirable to secure anything that may be a tempting target for a thief. They are often used in hotel and motel rooms to secure easily transported, high value items such as the TV, making it impossible for them to be stolen. It may be possible to thwart a break and entry attempt with protective grills but these security means can be overcome with a common screw driver and two or three minutes. In the event a thief does gain entry he at least will not be able to remove high valued items that are locked down with security screws.

The concept behind security screws is similar to the lug nuts that are used to fasten an expensive set of custom magnesium wheels to a vehicle. The fasteners used are manufactured with a unique drive in the head, without the corresponding tool it is virtually impossible to remove the wheels, the same thing is true with any screw with a special drive.

Security screws in NY are available in high tensile strength steel; this makes it impossible to remove them by chiseling the head off or by using a set of bolt cutters. In certain applications the designer may also specify the use of a unique nut as well; this doubles the security as now it takes two special tools to disassemble rather than just one.

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