What Having A CDL Illinois Means

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There are three different types of CDL. There is Class A, Class B, and then there is Class C. Depending on how much weight the driver will carry will determine what class they need. A Class A is a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating should be 26,001 pounds if the vehicle is 10,000 pounds or more. Class B is for a vehicle that is less then 10,000 pounds. The Class C type is for any vehicle that does not match the requirements of Class A or Class B. These are made to carry over 16 passengers and may hall things such as hazardous chemical placards.

Remember this is not home cleaning services but CDL services. So with that said you have the possibility of adding endorsements to your CDL licenses. There are several different ones available. The “T’ double or “T” triple is where you would be able to have two or even three trailers hauled on a commercial vehicle. To gain this endorse a driver must have a Class A. The test for this endorsement is a written test. Another endorsement that also has a written test involved is the “N” tank. This endorsement is need to haul liquids in large quantities. These are a few that will keep you from having to do in home cleaning. To find out more about these endorsements check with a CDL school.

A person that obtains their CDL will be able to open new career opportunities to themselves. There are many career fields that have opportunities for CDL drivers. The most common is truck driving of course. The truck drivers often have to travel to other states and sometimes across several to deliver goods. This will require a Class A and possible endorsements. A school bus driver needs to have a CDL license too. There are many potential jobs that can come to one that holds a CDL.


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