What Happens If You Are Arrested?

April, 2014 by Alma Abell

If you are arrested and accused of committing a crime you will be taken to a police station and booked. Here you will have your mug shots and fingerprints taken and be asked if you would like to make any statement. You will then be placed behind bars to either wait until your trial date or until you can be released on bail. A judge will set the amount of bail, for minor crimes the amount is usually a set standard but bail can be any amount depending on the nature of the crime and the criminal history of the defendant. How do bail bonds in St. Paul MN work, where does the money come from?

Bail is a mechanism that allows a defendant in a criminal case to be released until a specific date when he or she must appear in court. The hope of the court is that the defendant does indeed appear so the bail can be recovered.

There are many cases where the court date is set many months out, if it was not for bail the accused would have to languish in jail regardless of innocence or guilt. This would place an undue hardship on the family of the accused as the person would not be able to work or have any semblance of a normal family life.

The bail process explained:

Once the booking process is completed the accused is put in a jail cell. If the crime is very minor bail can be posted immediately and the suspect is released but for more serious crimes the suspect may have to remain jailed for perhaps 48 hours until a judge sits in a bail hearing. The judge will hear the charges and details and decide if the accused is eligible for bail and if so, how much?

Although there are a number of types of security that can be used for bail the most common are either cash or a surety bond. Bail bonds in St. Paul MN can be used for any amount; the fact that they are available is extremely useful for those who cannot afford to pay the bail in cash. The bail agent or bondsman is backed by a surety company, the bondsman pledges to pay the full amount of the bail in the event the accused does not appear in court, the bonding agency charges the accused a fee, usually 10 percent and collects collateral to cover the bail amount.

If the accused appears in court the bail is recovered, if the defendant skips bail the amount is forfeited to the court and the bonding company proceeds to find the accused, in many cases with the assistance of a bounty hunter.

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