What Happens if There is a Fight at Doggy Daycare?

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What Happens if There is a Fight at Doggy Daycare?

One of the last things you want to find out is that your dog has ended up in a fight while at his Ft. Lauderdale doggy daycare. Not knowing the extent of the potential injuries can set a furious pace for your heart. Not being able to see who started it, or how your dog reacted only makes it significantly worse.

It is, therefore, important to ensure your dog is well protected and that the doggy daycare in Ft. Lauderdale of your choice is the right match for both you and your dog.

Making sure that the daycare is aware of the potential for fights among dogs and has policies in place to prevent them from happening is the first step.

  • New dogs should be accompanied by their owner, not only as a way for the owner to ensure the daycare is a good fit for their dog, but that their dog is a good fit for the daycare.
  • Ensuring that there is plenty of room for dogs to get away from other daycare goers is a good idea because, as with children, even the best friends need some time apart.
  • There should also be down times and a maximum number of dogs per supervisor. This prevents energy levels from rising to an uncontrollable level.

Even with these precautions are taken, fights can happen. Your Ft. Lauderdale doggy daycare should have a written policy that explains what they will do in these circumstances. These policies should include:

  • How are dogs separated? If the fight is more than a quick growling with no real intent behind their bites, often the dogs will need to be physically separated for them to discontinue their behavior. Does the kennel use objects to separate them, if so, what objects? If not, how are they separated? Trying to stop fights by stepping in is not only dangerous for the humans but also for the dogs as, should a hand end up bitten in the chaos, your dog now has a human bite on their record.
  • When are owners contacted? Some daycares call their owners immediately after a fight regardless of the severity whereas others will only call in the case of a fight that requires medical attention. Which would you feel more comfortable with? Would you rather know that your dog is fine but had a tussle or would that cause you further stress?
  • If medical attention is necessary, what level are they capable of handling themselves and do they take your dog to the vet if needed? What costs are involved for each? Many times there will be a transport fee along with the vet bill itself. It is also important to find out if they will transport to your vet or if they have their vet of choice that they send dogs to in the case of an emergency.
  • What happens to the dogs involved? It is important to know if there is a no-strike policy in place that would have you looking into new arrangements for your dog or if these are taken on a case-by-case basis. It is also important to know that your dog will not be placed back into the situation that caused the fight to begin with.


By ensuring you understand the policies in place to both protect your dog from a fight as well as what happens should there be a fight, you will be able to relax a little more knowing what is going to happen in a worst-case scenario.  Don’t be afraid to ask the doggy daycare in Ft. Lauderdale of your choice what their policies are and how they handle fights.

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