What does the new Stretch code Bridgewater MA say

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The Stretch code Bridgewater MA allows for more energy-efficient buildings, and each town in Massachussets is allowed to modify their individual building code for energy efficiency. For contractors and others, complying with the new stretch code is a big frustration, especially considering that a nearby town may not ues the same regulations as another – particularly part 780.

The code can also causes a lot of confusion. The new stretch code has a variety of different requirements that buildings in Bridgewater MA must meet.
The stretch code sets new standards for building insulation. Instead of simply allowing the buildings to only be insulated through traditional means, the buildings must now meet tougher minimum standards for R-value for insulation. Materials are also identified with R-value only according to the standards.

Also, the new stretch code mandates energy efficiency performance testing to make sure that all of the buildings are performing in accordance with the stretch code. Bridgewater has a stringent stretch code, and the only way to verify that the electrical standards are in line with the new standards is through testing.

The stretch code is specifically designed to provide a better standard for making sure that all important building codes are met without a lot of frustration and interference on yur part.

A building inspector is required to submit all relevant documentation to the county inspection company. As such, to make sure that the new stretch code is valid, it is important that the inspector is able to work with the builder in order to get the job done in a timely manner.
It also allows for remodelling of existing homes to meet the new standards. Remodeled homes must be brought up to the new stretch code in order to be marketable and to be usable.

Documentation is also required so that you can obtain a building permit. Once the permit is obtained, it has to meet section 405 in order to be valid. This is arguably one of the most difficult parts of meeting the stretch code. Duct testing, blower door sealing, and other important tasks must also be completed. If you need to comply with the new code, don’t hesitate to contact a building company today.

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