Water Testing in Albany Before You Purchase a Home

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First time home buyers have much to consider when looking at prospective homes. While the market is competitive, it is better to miss a purchase than to buy an unhealthy property. Water is a precious natural resource buyers should always test for quality. Water Testing in Albany performs broad analysis test letting you know if the water is okay as is or if a water system could provide the home with healthier drinking water.

H2O Solutions is a licensed water expert specializing in home water testing. The specialist will provide you with an analysis report and an estimate at no cost or obligation as they feel it a public service and their calling card to environmental consciousness. Professionals will also inspect fixtures, plumbing and appliances that use water. Specific testing can tell you if the water is hard. Hard water is that containing high levels of calcium and lime. These minerals cause that annoying build up on your shower walls, in toilets and pipes. Soft water is the ultimate goal. Soft water is free of the minerals making it hard. A water system filters the unwanted excess of minerals and other deposits in the water out making it soft.

H2O solutions are so confident in their products they invite you to bring a sample of your own water to compare with their salt-free water filter quality. They guarantee their clients find no difference between the two water samples. They offer water-softening systems that improve cooking soften skin, wash clothes cleaner free of soap scum, and use less soap and detergents saving money. An added bonus and favorite of many is improved hair texture, bounce and shine. Many clients also rave about improvements with troubled skin such as acne, and flaky skin.

Water purification system makes water just like those you see in the machines at your local grocery store. Personal at home water systems is a better option to lugging around heavy bottles, carrying cases out to your vehicle and hauling purified water inside your home every week. You will not need to worry about recycling a large volume of plastic bottles. Instead, you can pour drinking water from the spout of your kitchen sink. H20 systems are available to rent or purchase. The rental plan includes the option to buy.

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