Use Retaining Walls in Connecticut To Stabilize Soil and Add Interest To Your Landscape

January, 2014 by Alma Abell

A slope is a fact of life for many property owners and can add a lot of visual interest to a landscape. However, if you’re growing concerned as you watch parts of your property wash down a hill every time a hard rain falls, it’s time to consider adding a retaining wall to your yard. Retaining Walls in Connecticut do much more than simply hold your soil in place. They can become a valuable part of your outdoor space.

There are several different types of Retaining Walls in Connecticut that effectively keep soil from moving down a hill in your landscape. A gravity retaining wall holds back soil because of its sheer size and strength, while a cantilevered retaining wall is smaller but can still hold large amounts of soil in place due to its reinforced design. A sheet pile retaining wall, typically placed in areas where there’s no room for other types of retaining walls, uses wood, steel or vinyl materials to hold back the soil. Any of the three major kinds of retaining walls can be anchored for extra support. Other techniques soil retention, such as soil nailing, gabion mesh or cellular confinement are more recent methods of soil retention you may want to consider.

The landscaping design options available to you if you choose to build a retaining wall are almost limitess. A steep slope that was once nearly useless in your yard can become a multi-tiered planting area. A path with steps along a retaining wall’s edge provides safe and easy access to different areas of the yard. A smaller and gentler slope might be an ideal location for a short retaining wall that is incorporated into a seating area. Even the design of the wall can become an eye-catching feature. A curved retaining wall will add visual interest to a rectangular home or lot primarily featuring straight lines.

The landscaping contractors at the FEB Companies are experienced in designing and constructing Retaining Walls in Connecticut. Landscaping experts will work with you from the initial consultation to the final clean-up at the conclusion of the job. When you realize that you need help in keeping the soil in place on your property, call on the FEB Companies to solve your soil stabilization problems.

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