US Lacrosse – Organizing Lacrosse Leagues across the United States

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From kid elementary school age lacrosse leagues to the professional athletes who make up the National Lacrosse League that you see on television, the sport of Lacrosse is exploding across the continental United States. The high-impact sport which is a cross-breed between ice-hockey and soccer provides tons of physical action, high scoring games and amazing competition between arguably some of the best athletes in modern sports.

The primary sanctioning body that oversees the activities of most lacrosse leagues in the United States Is known as US Lacrosse. Noted as the largest organized governing body of both women’s and men’s lacrosse across the US, US Lacrosse is dedicated to crafting the skills of over 400,000 total members with 64 chapters in nearly every state in the continental United States.

US Lacrosse has a large responsibility to not only oversee the growth of this sport here in America, but also has the inevitable position of ensuring the sport maintains a good level of growth and that any child who wants to play the game of Lacrosse is well educated about the rules, skills needed to succeed and the theories about how to become an excellent Lacrosse player.

Headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland on the campus of legendary John Hopkins University, US Lacrosse was founded in 1998 to become a universal sanctioning body after several other Lacrosse organizations merged to create a single-guided focus to ensure positive growth of this highly competitive sport. Some of these former groups included the Unites States Club Lacrosse Association, the National Junior Lacrosse Association and the United States Women’s Lacrosse Association. This highly diverse group decided it was in the best interest of the sport to have one, single ruling organization. And it was a smart decision indeed.

The policies of US Lacrosse are decided upon by a board of directors on a National level who meet once per month do oversee the progress of programs they have created to grow the sport of Lacrosse and educate the general public about it as well. This group of nine individuals also plan, strategize, and create several committees that focus on individual areas of growth including Finance, The Development of the Sports through expansion, rules and strategic marketing planning.

US Lacrosse also creates several strategic partnerships with several amateur sanctioning bodies such as the NCAA and the NFHS (National Federation of State High School Associations to oversee Lacrosse Leagues in the college and high school levels. These groups are highly essential to the growth of Lacrosse as they use their vast networks of media and marketing partners to showcase Lacrosse on local and cable television networks, increasing exposure for the sport and introducing these Lacrosse leagues to a national and international audience.

As with any large organization, becoming a member of US Lacrosse is highly advantageous, not only for Lacrosse players and their parents, but also businesses that are looking to expose their brands and products to a fast-growing, high-impact sport that has a very passionate group of fans, supporters and athletes who support the growth of National Lacrosse Leagues daily.

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