Tree Pruning: A Brief Overview

April, 2012 by

The trees that are growing in the urban areas require pruning on regular intervals. It is a part of the their maintenance activities – in fact an extremely important method for tree care. However, pruning should only be carried out if there is a compelling reason to do so. Below listed are some of the reasons why pruning need to be carried out:

1. For removing the branches that are diseased or have been damaged.
2. Thinning of the crown. This enables proper circulation of the air and also allows new growth.
3. In case the height of the tree needs to be reduced,  this method is used.
4. Some lower branches may cause obstruction, and thus, they should be removed.
5. Shaping up a tree for enhancing its looks for aesthetic purposes.

Tree cutting or trimming should always be carried out by professionals experienced in such tasks. Thus, if you plan to carry out pruning for any of the above reasons, or any other valid reason, it is advisable to seek help from tree care service providers. These service providers employ experienced team of professionals who have vast knowledge of cutting. These dedicated professionals have years of experience in promoting and maintaining healthy trees leading to a healthy environment. They are abreast with the best possible tools and techniques that are required for such tasks. They understand the consequences of the pruning activity on the tree’s structure, vigor and health. Thus, with such understanding and knowledge they are able to perform the task in the best possible way.

There are certain guidelines, which such professionals follow when cutting or pruning. Some of them include the following:

1. The amount of foliage pruned from a tree during a single season, in no way exceeds 25 percent of the entire number or amount of leaves.
2. They keep in mind a proper branch structure while selecting branches for pruning.
3. They avoid topping, as this practice ruins the aesthetics of the tree. It also harms the health of the tree and also increases the chances of tree failure.

Apart from the above guidelines, they follow the best possible techniques and tools to make precise and correct prune cuts. Only such cuts can ensure proper closure of the wounds. This process can help to keep the trees healthy and beautiful only if it is done properly by professionals with expertise in tree pruning. Arlington has some of the best service providers in and around the city.



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