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After decades of wear, there is often the need to completely replace the roof structure. This goes beyond placing a fresh layer of roofing on the existing structure, and can involve replacing roof joists and the other parts of the frame. Before a homeowner determines this is necessary, it pays to call a professional who has experience with Reroofs Colorado Springs and find out exactly what must be done.

The Initial Inspection

Before any type of decision is made about Reroofs Colorado Springs, contractors make it a point to check every aspect of the roof. This includes walking the top part to determine the degree of wear and tear that is visible from the surface. Some of the points that the contractor will look for include sagging along the roof line or any areas that seem to be somewhat weak. After a look at the surface of the roof, the contractor will want to see what is happening underneath. This will mean making a trip to the attic. The goal is to inspect all the supports for the current roof and determine which ones are still good, and which ones may need replacing. While looking around, the contractor will seek to identify any signs of leakage that may be contributing to the overall weakening of the structure.

Coming Up With a Quote

Once the contractor has finished with the inspection, the next step is to go over the findings with the homeowner. This will make it easier to understand if there is a need to remove the roof completely, or if some of the older components are still good and can be salvaged for use. With this in mind, the contractor can prepare a quote for the project. Visit website for the best reroofs in Colorado Springs.

Moving Forward with the Work

After the owner decides to proceed, it is an easy task to set a start date for the replacement. The homeowner can help by removing any belongings that happen to be in the attic space. Along with ensuring that those items are not damaged during the project, doing so will provide more working space for the roofing team.

This includes going over the cost of different roofing materials, projecting time lines for making the replacement, and even some tips on what the homeowner can do to help things along.


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