Tips for Installing a Long Lasting Asphalt Driveway in Burnsville, MN

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Is your driveway showing some wear and tear from the Minnesota winters? If your driveway is cracking and needs repair, have it done right so your driveway will stay beautiful for 30 years or more. The following tips will explain how to have a great, long lasting driveway!

A Proper Foundation is Crucial

When you have a solid foundation in any construction job, you ensure longer lasting success. The same is true for installing asphalt in Burnsville, MN. A properly thick and compacted foundation gives stability and support to the asphalt. It also provides a boundary against frost, helping to diminish premature deterioration caused by freezing and thawing conditions.

Have an Effective Drainage Plan

An excellent foundation will contain a well-thought-out drainage plan. Effective drainage can make or break a driveway. Driveway puddles will erode any quality asphalt job. The drainage plan needs to cause water to rush away from the house.

The Benefits of Selecting Asphalt in Burnsville, MN

Asphalt has a superior hardiness and stamina. It’s also an extremely tough material against freezing and thawing. In addition, it has flexibility allowing it to naturally expand and contract. Not only that, the black color actually helps melt snow faster. As an added touch, salt won’t deteriorate it. So, rest assured when you lay down the rock salt to prevent slippage. All that, and it’s cost effective.

Opt for a Complete Tear-out

If a driveway is having problems, most likely the foundation has a problem too. To merely put an overlay on top will not fix the problem and will most likely present further future expenses.

Ensure Longevity With Sealing and Maintenance

Sealing a driveway is beneficial as it holds in the asphalt’s natural oils enhancing flexibility. Its ability to be flexible reduces the chance for cracks. Avoid spillage of gas or oil which can erode the asphalt and encourage cracks. If a small crack does develop, simply fill it and seal. Lastly, prevent weeds and grass from growing in the seams.

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