Things that Must be Considered by an Air Conditioning Contractor in Wichita

May, 2014 by Alma Abell

Air conditioning works on the same basic principles whether it’s in a house, a store, or a skyscraper. Compressed coolant is sent to one or more heat exchangers, where it picks up unwanted heat from inside the structure. Blower motors move the cold air around the exchanger into the structure, where it is distributed via a series of ducts. One important component is the compressor. By compressing the coolant, it forces that heat it picked up to exit the system. The heat is released outdoors.

Despite the similarity in the principle between all systems, there are also important differences that must be considered by an Air Conditioning Contractor in Wichita. A large commercial system has to deliver cool air to much more area than a household one does, and it’s quite possible that the air will heat back up before it can get from an A/C unit on one side of a building all the way to the other side of a structure. The answer to this is often to use multiple units and put them in strategic places. Another way to handle this problem is to enlarge the coolant system so that it can deliver coldness to multiple heat exchangers. Engineering the duct work is another big part of the job with large systems. An efficient plan will make it much easier to effectively cool even a giant building.

Needless to say, a household installation job is much different for an Air Conditioning Contractor in Wichita. Only the largest mansions present a problem when it comes to getting cold air from one side of the house to another. Most will only need one compressor and one heat exchanger. Ducts still have to be designed carefully, though: Improper placement of the vents can leave a person with cold feet and a sweaty neck. One thing that complicates household vent placement is the fact that household ducts usually serve the heating system as well. This means that most systems end up being optimized for one or the other. In Kansas, it’s a good idea to optimize for the heating system, so an Air Conditioning Contractor there will have to work around this in order to provide good cooling as well.

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