There Are Different Types Of Roofer Jobs

December, 2013 by Alma Abell

There are several different jobs in the roofing industry, everything from estimating the cost of the job to the actual work itself. There are roofers in Edmond, Oklahoma who are skilled at removing tiled roofs, others who have unique skills for tarring a sealing a flat roof and still others that are comfortable working on high pitched residential roofs installing traditional shingles. Over the last few years roofing has even gone green, there are some flat roofs which are grassed over and turned into rest areas for office employees; there are other roofs that are ideally suited for the installation of solar panels.

Most of the work that is done is manual so the skills are different than the skills of the estimator. Perhaps the estimator is the most important cog in the entire process as his skills makes the difference between profit and loss for the company. It is not only the profit which is of concern, if the job is priced too high then the chances of getting the work are remote as building owners usually get multiple offers. The estimator is the point man in the business; he or she is the first person the client meets and must put the client at ease. The estimator must know exactly all the specifications and details of the materials that are best suited for the job and he must know how to properly communicate this so there is no misunderstanding as the job progresses.

On older buildings in particular, the entire roof has to be removed prior to replacement and re-shingling. This job is the job of the removal crew, they must tear off all the old roof covering, remove the gravel and tar if it’s a flat roof, tear off the roof covering which is normally plywood and get it down to nothing but rafters and joists. Once it reaches this point, another crew of roofers in Edmond move in, this crew will be experienced in carpentry. Once the carpentry crew has rebuilt the structure, the actual roofers move in and apply the roof covering.

Even the actual roofing can require specialized skills and knowledge, installing a rubber roof is very different than installing a domestic roof which is usually asphalt shingles.

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