The Versatility of HVAC Contractors

January, 2014 by Alma Abell

During the cold, frigid months that constitute a typical winter in the Midwest, everyone needs to make sure that their HVAC unit is running smoothly. A well maintained heating system, with all working parts cleaned, oiled, and draining properly, will guarantee that a home stays warm and comfy during the bitterly cold temperatures. While most people only think that an HVAC contractor checks the filters, computer, and motor on a furnace, they are also well trained in handling any plumbing components that are tied into a home HVAC unit or utilized by associated appliances. To ensure the year round functionality of an HVAC unit, be sure to employ the services of a business like Hanna Heating and Air Conditioning. Their service technicians can double as Plumbers and repair any drainage related issues that could cause turmoil to the climate of a household.

Experienced HVAC contractors are a very knowledgeable group. Their ability to understand a working motor, configure circuit boards, evaluate air circulation in a home, and efficiently plumb any necessary piping makes them an extremely important component in the working system of an HVAC unit. To fully understand everything that one of these technicians can do, it is wise to do a little research. Visiting a website like will provide a potential customer with plenty of information to base their final hiring decision upon. By listing all of the available services, maintenance plans, and unique skills provided by each business, these websites are key in drawing in new customers. The amount of time and money a customer will save by knowing that they hired a truly skilled contractor will benefit them in the long run.

Although HVAC technicians are rarely referred to as Plumbers, their skills at providing leak proof piping show the depth of their knowledge. The construction and maintenance of gas intake and exhaust lines, which feed furnaces, stoves, and water heaters, are just as important as any liquid distributing piping involved in an HVAC system. Possessing the ability to install condensate drain pipes, water and gas supply lines, and exhaust piping, all while keeping the electronics and motor of a HVAC unit functioning, is a skill set that not all contractors can profess an understanding of. Hiring one from a company like Hanna Heating and Air Conditioning and purchasing a regularly scheduled maintenance plan is the best way to extend to life of any furnace.


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