The Value of Galvanized Bolts

November, 2013 by Palm Beal

There are many different bolts in New York City; everything from Anchor bolts to Toggle bolts and everything in between. In many cases these bolts are available in various finishes and even materials; it is not uncommon for bolts to be made from stainless steel or to be galvanized when the operating environment is harsh. The special material or the special coating prevents corrosion and in the case of steel bolts; rust. Galvanized bolts are used in many applications, from the extreme demands that are found in bridge construction to the less demanding need when used to build your deck at home.

Galvanized bolts in New York City begin as nothing more than a steel bolt. This bolt, as it is unprotected will begin oxidizing very quickly, especially when they are exposed to moisture. Many of these bolts are subjected to a downstream application of zinc plating which adds potentially years to the life of the bolt and improves the load bearing capacity. A galvanized bolt can be used in far more applications then the plain steel fastener it once was.

It is very easy to identify a bolt which has been galvanized or hot zinc plated, they have a very definitive spangled surface. Although they can be employed anywhere, they are usually used outside where the fastener is constantly subjected to the weather and the environmental conditions prevalent in the area. They are common in areas which are close to the coasts as they can resists salt spray induced corrosion, although not as good as stainless steel bolts and nuts. In many industries where chemicals are processed, galvanized bolts are specified for almost every application.

Bolts in New York City are classified into through bolts and lag bolts. A lag bolt is used when there is no accessibility to both the bolt side and the nut side. A through bolt, or carriage bolt on the other hand is used when the bolt goes completely through the materials and the threads show on the other side of the joint. Lag bolts are often used when fastening wood, carriage bolts are the favorite for fastening metal.

Galvanized bolts are somewhat more expensive to purchase than plain, un-plated bolts but their proven life expectancy is many times greater so their use greatly reduces down time and maintenance expenses. For more information, visit the website

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