The Value of Access Control for Chicago Businesses

October, 2013 by Alma Abell

The world of physical security for business buildings and other properties has changed widely over the past decade. While sophisticated mechanical locks were the most used method to keep intruders out of a secured area, and for the protection of inventory, people, and other valued assets, computerized access control has started to become more commonplace. Access Control Chicago services are the best choice for securing and protecting the many different areas of a business.

The largest advantage to the use of Access Control Chicago area services is the fact that everything about a business’s security can be monitored from a central location, and the information can be recorded. One does not have to be present in order to see what May going on in another office location. If there is a need to locate records for a specific access time log, it’s easily retrievable.

Access control systems allow for an accounting of the presence of employees, visitors and vendors at any location on business property. Doors, gates, and storage units can all be fitted with panels that are networked to a database that can allow different levels of access based on a person’s credentials. This keeps people from receiving unauthorized access to areas that they are not cleared to enter. For instance, some employees may not need to enter a date center room or a certain storage area. Since data theft and corporate espionage are serious threats, an investment in such a security system is worth the costs. In a competitive environment, a business cannot afford to lose important assets to competitors.

The protection of employees is also a major concern in the wake of highly publicized terrorist acts and public shooting incidents. The use of access control will ensure that only employees that are supposed to be on the premises are there. Those who have no business on the grounds will have their entry attempts thwarted. In addition, access control is combined with video surveillance, so proof is available to law enforcement is needed for any reason. When it comes to securing the business, this aspect cannot be ignored.
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