The Use Of Custom Toroidal Transformers

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The Use Of Custom Toroidal Transformers

When it comes to the choice of transformers for any type of electrical device or system, there are many different options to consider. Different types of transformers can be more or less costly, but often the price is not as much a factor as the performance ability in the system.

One of the options to consider for a system with low kVA ratings is a toroidal transformer. While there are standard off the shelf options available, the choice of custom toroidal transformers allows the OEM to have a transformer built to the specifications of the system.

The Materials and Design

When it comes to custom toroidal transformers, there are different decisions to be considered with each of the components involved. The first choice is in the material used to develop the donut-shaped core. While ferrite and iron are commonly used, it is also possible to use silicon steel or iron powder.

The size of the custom toroidal transformers, as well as the type of winding pattern, are two additional critical considerations. These passive components can be relatively small and have very sparse windings, or they can have very tight, close windings based on the specific requirements for the system.

Windings can have a return wire, return winding or even split return windings, all depending on the specific needs of the system and the development of the magnetic field that is required.

As most of the toroidal transformers are designed to be very small and compact, the choice of a custom design allows for even greater efficiency and smaller sizes based on the needs of the system design. Most sizes of custom-designed toroidal transformers are also available in different mounting options, which make it easier for installation and fabrication than standard toroidal transformers may offer.

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