The Many Positive Aspects of Gymnastics Summer Camp in Shelton CT

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The Many Positive Aspects of Gymnastics Summer Camp in Shelton CT

A gymnastics Summer Camp in Shelton CT is a bit like enrolling children in summer school except that the main focus is on an activity the kids really enjoy. They won’t get bored or feel restless sitting in a classroom much of the time when they’d rather be playing. In addition to learning new gymnastics skills and getting plenty of practice, they also play games and work on craft projects.

Features and Positive Aspects

Although the camp is intended to be entertaining, attendees also are expected to do some hard work that is appropriate for their age and skill level. They won’t be just running around playing tag┬ábut, instead, will be mastering gymnastics skills that improve their coordination and balance. They’ll be more comfortable in physical education classes come autumn and more confident in general.

Parents will feel reassured knowing that the children aren’t spending the day in front of a TV or computer screen. Instead, they’re staying fit, learning useful things, and making new friends in a safe and supportive environment. The youngsters will fondly remember the camp for years to come. It’s a positive way to spend time off from school while being able to succeed in new accomplishments and have fun.


At a facility such as Next Dimension Gymnastics, summer classes start at 9 a.m., but parents can bring the kids earlier for no extra charge if they need to get to work. Parents who work full-time during the day may be especially interested in the opportunity for the youngsters to attend Summer Camp in Shelton CT. The kids are home every night but participate in a full-day camp that is suitable for children five and older. Half-day camp is available for children ages three and older.

After being active much of the day, they’re excited to share details of what happened at camp, and they sleep well at night. There are themes for each week to keep things especially interesting. Safari week is an example. Participation can be week by week for multiple sessions or for the full summer. Contact us for information on summer camp and other programs.

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