The Many Delightful Aspects of Provence Wines in Suffolk County NY

by | Oct 2, 2018 | Wine Store

Several varieties of wine are considered authentic only if they come from a certain country or even a specific region. That’s the case with Provence wines, for example, which must come from a specific area in southern France. This is a beautiful region that attracts many tourists every year, but Long Island residents can enjoy the beverages by buying Provence Wines in Suffolk County NY.

Selecting Brands to Try

If someone is unfamiliar with these varieties and would like to try some, they might look online for descriptions or just head over to a store such as Towne Cellars Wines & Liquors Inc. The knowledgeable representatives there can help customers select two or three bottles that appeal to their preferences and fit in their price range. There should be an abundance of delicious and interesting Provence Wines in Suffolk County NY that are reasonably priced.

The Popularity of Blush Wines

Provence is especially recognized for blush wines, a variety that fell out of favor for a long time but is making a comeback. For many years, white Zinfandel was extremely popular, being a somewhat sweet beverage that many people could enjoy even if they do not care for the drier, fuller flavors. After a turn away from blush and rose’ varieties, people are once again buying them in larger numbers. U.S. residents buy more Provence blush wines than residents of any other country except France.

Food Considerations

French wine experts say that rose’ fits with any type of food, but the varieties are mainly recommended to pair with fish and other seafood, as well as with poultry. They also provide a tasty start to dinner before any food is served. The light, fruity, fresh flavor and scent are the reasons for these recommendations.

Color and Bottle Designs

Wine aficionados also appreciate simply looking at the color of wine and understanding how it matches with food. Also, these varieties are available in a range of bottle designs, colors, sizes and shapes. This aspect is appealing to men and women who collect bottles or who just want to have an intriguing bottle design on the table. Follow us on Twitter.

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