The Importance of Bi-Lingual Customer Service

April, 2014 by Alma Abell

Economies in countries besides the United States are growing at a rapid rate. Due to this fast growth the audience on the internet is vastly changing and quite a few of them do not speak English. This creates a complex language barrier that can be an obstacle between the sales of your products to international customers. The need to provide bi-lingual customer service is a growing concern that needs immediate attention.

Open Sales Overseas

A company based in the United States may not ship overseas due to not being unable to communicate to international customers. This tends to block a market that could be very fruitful. When companies consider the amount of money that could be made by selling their products internationally, they open up a whole new market with the opportunity for multiplying sales. In order to do this, they need to have bi-lingual customer service representatives that can communicate with markets opened in different countries. This type of service can be obtained via out-sourcing.

Determine a Customer Base in Foreign Nations

Surveys indicate that people that shop online will only purchase from websites that are set up to communicate in their language. Depending on the nations in which you wish to open an online market, outsourcing for bi-lingual services is imperative. Customer support needs to be able to address problems in other languages to keep a business covered. While most U.S. based online business already employee Spanish and English speaking representative, it is important to consider other countries that are starting to grow and are looking for more products from foreign countries.

Customer Support and Foreign Languages

Over the past few years the demand for customer support in foreign languages has increased. Such languages include Chinese, Japanese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Russian, Scandinavian, French, German and Spanish. This type of support is vital since most customers want to speak with customer support personnel that understating their language. In order for a company to begin offering these services, it is wise to outsource to a call center that already offers this type of support. has a multitude of foreign speaking customer support services that can boost your business. This is a cost effective solution that helps every business with services provided over the internet. Consider calling them today to add more foreign business to your bottom line.

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