The Components of a Transportation Management System

April, 2014 by Alma Abell

The main purpose of a transportation management system is to maximize the return on your investment by improving your logistics management. Overall, installing one of these systems will make your logistics management more accurate by organizing everything automatically. You can also expect this system to reduce the amount of time it takes to handle your transpiration needs, which should reduce your expenses and increase your profit. If you do not have one of these systems in place, it is a good idea to learn about the key processes that they handle.

Decision Making
Perhaps the most important thing that your transportation management system will assist you with is your decision making. If you make the wrong decisions along the way, you can expect to lose money and, therefore, your business will not be as successful as it probably should be. The system that you choose can help you to calculate how much you are spending in transportation, so that you can make adjustments to your routes or your loads if needed. You can figure out which routes lead to greater profits, which gives you a distinct advantage over your competitors. Having the ability to view this information in real time allows you to make decisions on the fly, which will help you to stay ahead of the competition.

Speaking with Customers
When you install a management system, it gives you the chance to track your vehicles to see when they arrive at their destination. This allows you to contact customers if you believe their deliveries will be late or inform them when the delivery should arrive. If a customer contacts you, it is nice to have the ability to immediately tell the customer where the truck is currently located, as this gives you the ability to provide the customer will up to date information.

Once you have a transportation management system implemented, you will begin to understand your business on an entirely different level. This added knowledge allows you to see what areas of your business need to be addressed and what is running smoothly. As a business owner, it is important to continually make improvements, so that you do not fall behind the times and installing one of these systems is one important way to do so.

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