The Best Garden Supplies in Portland, Oregon Help Create Beautiful Yards

April, 2014 by Alma Abell

As soon as winter starts to loosen its grip, gardeners look forward to preparing their flower beds for spring and summer. Soil is the most important part of any garden. The Best Garden Supplies in Portland, Oregon include a wide array of soil enhancers. The staff at a landscape supply store can help a customer evaluate whether their soil is too acidic or alkaline for the flowers they want to grow. They may help the gardener group their flowers and shrubs according to soil needs, so they can efficiently treat their soil.

Gardeners who want to be part of the Green Movement can partner with the Best Buy in Town Landscape Supply store. For over 30 years the store has been a convenient place for homeowners to leave their leaves, branches and yard and garden debris. These are then transformed into 100% organic compost. The store also accepts construction waste, fill dirt and rubble for recycling purposes.

While most gardeners do love playing in their dirt, what they really want are flower beds filled with bright and colorful perennial and annual flowers. The staff at Best Garden Supplies in Portland, Oregon can help them select the perfect flowers to complement their landscape. If there are many mature shade trees in the yard, then they will recommend flowers that don’t need a lot of sunlight. If the gardener loves flowers, but doesn’t have a lot of time to spend in the garden, then low-maintenance perennials will be the best choice.

Local nurseries also know the best varieties of each plant group for the region. A novice rose gardener could be frustrated because their roses don’t bloom properly. The staff understands how local rainfall patterns can affect the blooming patterns of fragile flowers. They can also recommend hardier varieties. When a person shops at a local nursery rather than purchasing plants online, they can be assured of higher quality plants. The plants also haven’t been stressed by traveling a long distance in an often harsh environment. Shrubs and flowers from a garden center have been fed and watered properly. This ensures that they will be healthy and vibrant in their new home.

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