The Basics Of Printed Circuit Board Assembly

by | Oct 2, 2018 | Printed Circuit Board

With the increasing expansion of the IoT or the Internet of Things, the need for both printed circuit board (PCB) design as well as printed circuit board assembly (PCBA), is more essential than ever before.

Any type of “smart” device, appliance or system requires a corresponding control center, which is most often a printed circuit board. Flexible, compact and fully customized to the needs of the device or system, they are essential in everything from smart toothbrushes to complex automated robotics systems. PCBs have to be customized to each device, which is why most OEMs turn to specialized contract manufacturers.

The Process

The process of printed circuit board assembly is the application of electronic components to the actual printed circuit board. This can be done through a variety of options, and the types of components will vary based on the specific requirements of the PCB.

For many OEMs, working with a single provider to complete both PCB design as well as assembly is a logical choice. This allows an efficient, streamlined production process and also reduces the number of design and contract manufacturing services involved in the process.

The Technologies

Based on the specifics of the PCB, printed circuit board assembly can include a variety of manufacturing options. Soldering is the most common, but there are a variety of alternative processes available based on the specific requirements for the given PCB.

Different technologies can also be used to provide the components to the PCB. These include surface mount or 0201 technology as well as pin through hole, high pin count press-fit and ball grid array types of mounts.

Care must be taken when selecting the appropriate type of technology and manufacturing process. Working with an experienced PCBA contract manufacturer ensures the PCB design and assembly is completed to all industry standards and quality control requirements.

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