The Advantages of Using Heating Oil from a Fuel Oil Company in Quincy, MA

May, 2014 by Alma Abell

Homeowners have a few options available to them when it comes to how they are going to heat their homes. While none of the options are inexpensive, there is one that tends to cost a lot less than the others. This option is oil heat, and it provides more heat than other heating options. Many homeowners like to use heating oil because it doesn’t damage the environment in the way that natural gas can, as there are no methane emissions from heating oil. According to the US Energy Information Administration, oil heat is the least expensive, and heats homes faster than gas or electric heating systems.

In addition to being cheaper, there are many other advantages to using heating oil from a fuel oil company in Quincy, MA. For instance, this oil is clean burning, and there are new types that are even cleaner, using renewable biofuel and extremely low sulfur heating oil. The latter of the two burns with much lower emissions than gas. Unlike gas, heating oil is not explosive, and there is no danger of health issues due to fumes. There is no smoke or soot, and no worries about carbon monoxide poisoning when heating oil is used instead of natural gas.

Homeowners who use heating oil find that they are more comfortable during the colder winter months, because heating oil burns hotter than natural gas, and provides more heat than electric heating systems. It is much easier to maintain a comfortable temperature with heating oil than with other heating systems, and oil-heated homes heat up more quickly.

One of the best things about using heating oil from a fuel oil company in Quincy MA is that customers can easily understand the billing. When it comes to electric heat, many homeowners have no idea about how billing works, because they don’t understand how to read their meters. With gas heat, there are various costs which are added into the bill on top of the cost of the fuel. With oil, the billing is simple. Customers are charged for the amount of oil that they have delivered, and nothing more.

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