Thai Yoga Massage Honolulu HI: An Ancient Treatment for Modern Ailments

December, 2013 by Alma Abell

Thai Yoga Massage Honolulu HI: An Ancient Treatment for Modern Ailments

Massage therapy has been used by the public for its relaxing qualities and stress relieving capabilities for years, and the medical industry often uses the therapy for its healing elements as well. There are many techniques and applications, but the general purpose for all types of massage therapies generally have the same goal in mind. They draw their strategies from various cultures and principles, but massage therapy promotes a healthier lifestyle and a general state of wellness that targets the mind, body and soul. Thai Yoga Massage in Honolulu HI is rooted in the Indian systems of Ayurveda and yoga, and is a valuable part of traditional Thai medicine.

Dating back thousands of years, Thai massage was brought to Thailand about two thousand years ago. Thai massages seeks to restore balance and the natural flow of the body’s system according to Eastern healing traditions. Thai Yoga Massage Honolulu HI is an effective therapy for correcting posture, flexibility, breathing, circulation, digestion, and much more. The therapy technique stretches muscles, tones the inner organs, and significantly improves nervous tension and emotional stress. The therapy session is simple and very safe. Massage therapists rest on their clients’ bodies with their hands and they administer firm rhythmic pressure to gently stretch out the entire body. Clients often praise the therapy for the many health benefits it provides, but also the great sense of peace they feel after a session.

Thai-Issan Therapeutic Massage is a team of experienced massage therapists who utilize the ancient traditions and strategies to improve the overall health of their clients. Their beautiful facility has a backdrop of the stunningly beautiful island of Honolulu, and their facility is very cozy with an atmosphere that promotes healing and relaxation. As an added bonus, each therapy session includes a hot stone treatment as well. Heated stones are strategically placed on the body to loosen up muscles and create a balance of energy, and it is a great complement to the Thai Yoga Massage.

Thai-Issan Therapeutic Massage creates an experience for their clients that is often a complement to traditional medical treatments. When clients cannot find relief from certain ailments, they use Thai Yoga Massage as an alternative to medical treatments that have not provided the relief they are searching for. Thai Yoga Massage is a valuable therapy method that many people are beginning to explore for better health and more options for healing.
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